The Trees……

I’ve heard people say that God purposely enticed Adam and Eve to eat the fruit.  Looking at Genesis 2, where it states “He put the trees in the middle of the garden,” I start to understand why.  Being in the middle, it was always there for them to see, for everywhere they went they surely passed those trees.

Temptation was in their faces every day, IF they let it be a temptation.  Today, we are faced with all sorts of things that can be tempting.  I believe God was showing them then, that they had choices and those temptations would always be there in the middle, which is right in front of you.

Giving people choices is love. Sometimes we don’t like their decisions but they will make those decisions eventually on their own, whether you try to control them or not. People tend to learn almost everything the hard way. This includes our young adult children. Sometimes you got to watch and wait. You’ve warned them before. Will they listen? Probably not always.  When they get hurt or wander astray then you help them pick up the pieces and put them back together with God’s help. 

You see this was also a way for God to lead them back to Him, for recovery can’t come on its own. God must be involved with any type of recovery or it isn’t recovery at all.  God knew what they would do, probably hoped they would listen, as all parents hope their children will do, but we all know what’s happening. God is so great and no one comes close to His wisdom. God bless all of you.

Soldier4LordJesus 4-6-2022