Training ground

Daily activities can seem useless in the grandness of ones life. It’s easy to think, “why am I here and am I going to waste away, without making a difference?” I have come to realize that I’m always in training, training for the things that are to come. The Lord wants us to stay focused, and wants us to keep moving, while we wait on His plan for us to come to light. It often can seem like a day passes and it was wasted. Looks like nothing changes and the path ahead can’t be seen beyond our walls, walls that we put up. God never said to Moses that it would be easy, to lead the people out of Egypt. It isn’t easy for us either. There is greatness in each and every one of you. It’s beyond the walls you’ve built, walls with excuses, sadness, and lack of Hope. God says to believe! We must believe that our lives aren’t just for rotting, day by day, with no positive outcomes some days, weeks, months or even years. Dry seasons have always come and gone. The rain is coming! Do you see the rain cloud?