Where have all the Christians gone?

Christians are being prepared to bow to the antichrist. Churches are no longer concerned with holiness, they are concerned with feelings and numbers. The Power of God is not in most churches any more, some never had it. Just because you say Lord Lord, or Jesus, it doesn't mean that you are where you should be. Someone now is probably smirking at this message, but let me explain. Christians are in hiding. Hiding from the world, afraid to stand against schools boards, allowing their kids to read filthy books, and learning about sex in schools, afraid to stand in the Congress and Senate, allowing muslims to pray before sessions, dedicating the USA to their god, afraid to ask strangers in public if they need prayer, afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say when it comes to God and their beliefs. There are a few here and there that do stand, that do pray, but we all know what I say is the sad truth. Where have all the Christians gone? Many of you, my friends, do stand. I see it, but the majority of those who say they are Christian do not stand. They bend and they have a lot of excuses why. Most might not even know why they do what they do, or would admit they do. All you have to do is ask what movies someone has seen recently. Many who call themselves Christians are watching bad movies that use gd, and some are hanging out at places that will get them in trouble.......bars, strip clubs, night clubs, etc. We need to move on from these type of things and get serious about our future. Many save up big 401ks for their retirement, but don't get ready for their life after the first death. If most worked as hard for preparing for their afterlife, then the world would be afraid of a Christian, knowing that our God is a powerful and awesome God! We need to repent and get to some serious business. Just because we pray before meals, thats not enough. Just because we stand up for God, thats not enough. We need to prove by our fruit that we are His. Its like receiving The Holy Spirit. We do good things because the Holy Spirit resides in us. Its an effect of having The Spirit. We need to let God lead us, and not try to lead God. Christians who don't see God's power are doing something wrong. They need to look at themselves and figure it out. God will not withhold anything from us as long as the request is righteous. The childrens bread is ours and we need to believe that when we ask, we will receive. Our Father is loving, compassionate and hears everything we say. He also knows our hearts and He wants us to listen to Him. I don't know very many Christians who live by The Word of God at all cost. Most people, Christian or not do whatever is easier and saves money. Christians sue Christians in court. This should not be. Where are you in your walk with God?


Different Christianity?

Many years ago, I use to see people praying in stores, restaurants, etc. Now, it seems I dont see people praying for others in public. Praying seems to have gone behind doors, behind walls. Do people need less prayer today than they did years ago? Some churches teach that praying in tongues must be done privately, in your own home, away from everyone else. When we start putting rules on The Holy Spirit, things will not go as you want. We can't contro...l God. When we run out of words to pray, thats when our gift of praying in tongues surfaces. This has happened to me a lot of times in the past.........I was praying for someone and nothing seemed to be changing for their situation, then I started praying in tongues and some were delivered, some healed, and others given peace. God has given us certain gifts, and if we don't use them, or if we say they are never to be used publically, then we are accepting defeat by the enemy. The enemy never wants any Christian to use their gifts. The enemy has been trying to deminish our gifts for a long time, and he has created his own version of God's gifts, for he mocks God. The devil is after your gift or gifts. Are you going to let the devil control you? The Holy Spirit can't be controlled. The Holy spirit is a gentlemen and will never be rude, controlling, or misleading. He will never interrupt or cause confusion. When listening to The Holy Spirit and following His direction, chains will be broken as you step on the enemies neck.



Can Christians Sin?

How many people that do evil things to others say they are Christians? I know a lot of them. If you lie, it is a lie. It isn't classified as something else, because you believe in Jesus. If you kill, steal, etc, same. We commit sins, but The Holy Spirit convicts us and we repent and sin is washed away. This process repeats every time we sin. Some saying that Christians don't sin is a dangerous road. We have not been given a "sin all you want" card. We don't follow the old testament rituals, but the 10 commandments don't change. A lie is still a lie, idol worship is still idol worship.

We will never be perfect and sinless while we are walking this earth. Jesus was The only perfect One who walked this earth. We sin, we repent, we get back up, clean again. If we premeditate sin, then we can grieve The Holy Spirit and He will let us go down the wrong road. Once you head down that road, it is hard to get back to where you should be. It's like an addiction. The farther you get off the righteous path, the harder it is for you to see the light guiding you back to the path that leads you to Heaven. Some say, if you fall away you never believed in the first place. What constitues believing? I see Christians taking things upon themselves, without praying about things first. I see Christians who put more trust in their own strength, instead of leaning on God first. Do these people that do these things really believe? What is the proof that someone believes and won't ever fall away? I have been to many dark places in this journey. I found that when I don't read the Bible daily, it becomes easier to not read tomorrow, then the next day, then my attitude starts to get sour, and I become someone I'm not wanting to see in the mirror. When this happens, we are open to more demonic attacks. How many demonic attacks can someone survive without wavering their belief? We say we believe but our actions prove otherwise. If so many Christians believed as they should, why are we in the mess we are in? Why is there no prayer in schools, why are companies and people afraid to pray openly at work and in meetings? Are there no Christians running these companies? Are there no Christians who will stand and pray no matter the cost? But we believe, right? Everyone has a breaking point. We let things slide, making excuses that God will understand. We need our jobs, or we don't want to cause problems. Am I the only one that sees these things happening all over? We are concerned with offending people instead of following God. If we truly believed than we would know that God is The ONLY ONE we should fear. I am not going to say that people who fall away never truly believed. Some, maybe. Not all fall into that category of not ever believing. They did what most Christians do, they don't stay in The Word, they don't work on their relationship with God on a daily basis. If you aren't working on that relationship daily, you are falling away, slowly. You won't know it until your addiction has you and you are someone you aren't proud of. We must die to self daily in order to live. If we don't, then we will fall. Think what you want, do what you want. I will keep getting back up, looking at why I fell, and making a new plan, so that I don't fall the same way again. If we admit our problems and our weaknesses, then we can use those things to stand taller, stronger, like The Sons and Daughters of God that we are.

Who are the people below, in Matthew 7:22-23, that Jesus is talking to? This is new testament. I have often thought about the many mentioned below.

Matthew 7:22-23
Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.


Our Inside struggle

So many things go through our minds everyday. Should we do this or that, should we speak and stand or stay silent and sit? I see so many people wandering around like someone who is lost. We seem to keep one theme of the Old Testament going......."They have returned to the sins of their forefathers. They have refused to listen to me and are worshiping other gods (Jeremiah 11:10)." Why do we do this? It seems we try to solve the puzzle in the wrong order. If... we don't allow God to work on us first, purifying us from within, by His power, by His Holy Spirit, we are stepping out unprepared. We will lose our battles day after day. We will start feeling defeated and without purpose. We need to ask God to bend us and break us if needed. We need to be concerned about being the men and women that God created us to be, for we were created in His image. We should never feel defeated and without purpose. We are Sons and Daughters of The Most High. Until we allow God to purify us, burning the dross from us, then we will continue to lose our battles. We must recognize our faults, our bad behaviors, which makes us bad examples to others. We say one thing and we do another. We don't trust God with our inner most struggles. If we did, we would have been at peace a long time ago. Don't try to fool yourself into thinking you are where you need to be. We will always be able to be more Christ-like. When we get to a place where we are becoming what we were created to be, then we will know when to stand and when to sit. We will be better able to control our tongues, watching what we say. Until we allow God to work on us, requesting God to help us, we will continue to go in circles, just as the Israelites did in The Old Testament. We are no different from them. We lose faith and hope when trouble comes. We let our troubles overcome us, instead we should be overcomers! Trouble is just a thing we need to work past. We need to work around the stones the devil throws. He throws left, we move right. Please look at yourself and what you need to have burned off of you. The Holy Spirit will bring His fire and cleanse those things from you if you ask.