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I seen a ship explode from within, and it seemed to be a nuclear bomb. The island of New York was being evacuated and most people were trying to get on a boat. Some people didn’t even know. I was running through some homes, trying to get to a boat, as the water was slowly rising around us. I went through some card board houses and apartments. I woke up and while laying there, I closed my eyes and I seen the Dallas reunion tower restaurant. Nothing else.

Soldier4LordJesus   8-16-2018

I was on a moped, driving around a inner city area, the center of this area was a huge circle, with a bunch of different directions to go. I was trying to find a way to turn around. I seen a bunch of cars driving by very slowly.
I seen a man in one of the cars, and he waved at me. I knew this man. In real life, he was a Manager at a place I use to work many years ago. I turned around and got behind these cars. They all stopped in the middle of this area, got out, and it was a wedding reception. I mentioned to someone that the cars around us just need to drive around. I drove to the left side of the reception, to see the bride and groom. I seen the bride and her mother, cutting the wedding cake on a large table, which was wondering where the groom was, and I knew he was in the back. I couldn’t see his face. I kept watching the bride cut the cake

Soldier4LordJesus  3-07-2018

We need to push through. This was the message the Lord gave to me in a dream last night, Aug 17, 2016. In the dream I was listening to a man, who said, "we must push through". Then He said, "Revelation 13". Then I woke up as He was about to read Revelation 13 to me.


The Hard Times

I was dreaming a few days ago. I was in a race car, which looked like a miniature Indy car. I was on the high way and I took an exit to the left. Immediately there was hail falling from the sky. The hail was the size of grapefruit. The hail hit my windshield in 2 places, but didn't go all the way through. Then up ahead the hail coming down looked like a solid curtain, because so much of it was falling. I said something to God, as I was driving. I then noticed a man sitting by the exit of this bridge, praying to God. When I passed through safely, I woke up. Immediately it came to me, that even though we don't see God working, and things can seem dim, He is there and He is watching over us. That hail should have killed me, but it didn't. I was also reminded of Moses, when God split the Red Sea, for all the Israelites to pass. They still had to pass through, with livestock, wagons, kids, and everything they could carry. Besides that, the devil was on their trail. I'm sure some might have tripped, fell down, and some might have become bruised, but in the end, they made it over to the other side, and they all made it, alive. We seem to lose focus on what God does for us. We sometimes expect no problems, no battles, no crying, but through our tears, our heavy beating hearts, our God hears us, and He delivers those who look to Him for rest .  Through our trials we become stronger, soldiers who can stand in the midst of the battle, strong, tall, bold, unwavering, and not because of who we are, but because of God and with His strength. Times ahead look grim, but I assure you, The King of Heaven will not let you down, as long as you turn to him for help, waiting on his word before you march into battle. Who goes into battle before given the order, for if you do, you might find yourself standing alone, because you journeyed out before God. Let God lead the way for you, Let God shine his light through you, blinding the enemy forces, and declaring victory before you even arrive.



I have had this written down for a while and God keeps bringing it to my remembrance. I have been led to send this out. Pray about it after you read it. Ask God to help you understand it.

I was with some people from work. I didn't know any of them. They were making plans on moving something. We went down stairs. I was then in front of the house I grew up in. I noticed 3 vehicles in the drive way and they all had their doors open. Someone had went through the vehicles and made a mess. One of the vehicles was a nice, big truck. The back of the truck was like the seat of an old wagon, but it was new and built out of steel. I closed the door of one of the vehicles, because the inside light was on, and my dad would need to use it.
I then seen the people, from earlier, in a white truck. It was night time. I got in the truck with them. It was a bunch of young people and they all acted like they knew me. We drove to an intersection and I asked where we were going. They said we were going to a summer camp, and they said the name of the place, which I didn't recall after I woke. I told them I couldn't go, because my boss was coming over to my house. They left me at the intersection. I was then riding a kids big wheel, going around the neighborhood streets. The street where my house should have been wasn't there and the street sign was named Believe. When I seen this street sign, I knew I was in a dream. I then started talking to The Lord. I rode down the street and there was some gym equipment in the street. I jumped on it and decided to do a backflip, for I kept telling myself I was in a dream. I seen some handles, and I told some people to "watch this," I went into the cross position on the rings as a gymnast would do. I noticed some kids watching. I jumped down to the ground and said, "Lord, my voice is echoing, I know I'm dreaming." I started wondering how long I had been dreaming, or if I was in a coma. I then heard a song, as I stood in the street. It was a song by Peter Frampton, but the words were slightly changed. Here are the words I heard from that song....."I want you to show them the way." I heard this played a few times, then I woke up.

I was on believe street, where God resides, where we need to stay. Anything is possible with God. We are His Sons and Daughters and we should expect our daily bread. We need to believe as we pray, that people will be healed, that people will be delivered, that we have The power in Jesus name, to step on Satan's thrown. We can do ALL things through Christ Jesus.


I was sitting and praying with a group of people at work, about 5 of them, 2 were doubters. I started singing praise God, and right before God did something, 1 of the workers kicked the bottom of the table so hard, 1 of the leaflets popped up off the table. I got mad and everything stopped


I was leading the way with Mason behind me, Mitch and Stephanie were walking below on the street, and mason and I were up higher on the steps. Mason and I passed 2 men sitting on the steps. We went down the steps to meet up with Stephanie and Mitch.
We came to a dead end, where it was walls on three sides, and there were some doors.
I told Mason to get up high and stay there. Someone came out and told us were going to have to fight 5 men. They looked tough. It was either Mitch or Tony, who said I've got this.
The next thing I know, Stephanie, Mason and I are living as "guests" who can't leave, in some house. we're all in one room. There are kids all over the place. They are playing some game, and I start praying in tongues aloud and make it sound like a song as I'm clapping my hands. Everyone joins in. I can feel the anointing. Later, I'm outside of the house with another guy who is a prisoner also. We see a huge water way, and some guy on a very small bath tub kind of boat with a fork lift on the bottom comes floating by. He's trying to sell boats and forklifts, just like the one he's on. I tell him that if he meets us later and helps us all escape, then I'll buy some. I decide that 11:30pm would be the best time for me to sneak my family out of that house. He says okay, he'll be there. Then I take one of his brochures and leave.

What does this mean? The man on the boat/fork lift must be an Angel or God, just like the man in another one of my dreams, who is waiting on me in a car, to drive me out of harms way.



I was standing in a small 2 isle convenient store. A voice from God or an Angel told me to "pay attention "I saw a little girl who's eyes were a greenish color. I prayed for her by putting my hands on her forehead. She was delivered. I did the same thing for her mother. She was delivered. I was then at their house. The little girl looked different, better. Her eyes were a brown color. I told her mother that she had that demon on her since she was in the womb. The mother was laying in her bed as I was speaking to her.



Stephanie was laying on the couch.
A lady I know and I flipped over some huge wooden foundation and we were redoing the foundation. We went in the house, passed Stephanie and went to go get some drinks. I offered Stephanie an energy coffee drink, but she said no. Then the Lady and I went to continue with the foundation. I felt like it was God telling me that he's redoing Stephanie's foundation.



The date of this dream is not recorded. I was in my early 20s.

Jesus was in front of me. I couldn't see his facial features, for the light was too bright behind him. I could only see the outline of him. He said to me "Go to church".

2004-2007 timeframe

I fell asleep one night on our small couch in the living room. Two angels came to me, and told me that my son, Mason, who was about 2 years old, was being attacked by demons. They told me to go pray over him.

Early 2008 timeframe

I was walking in a culvasack, and I decided to walk down a muddy hill, which led me between two houses. It looked like a colliseum, but their were balconies, which reminded me more of apartment balconies. There were dogs on these balconies and something else, which was much taller and dark. These were all demons on the balconies. I tried to walk forward, but when I tried to go up the hill of mud, I slipped down. I picked up the mud and it drained slowly from my hand. I threw it down. I then heard a dog's growl ahead of me. There were two dogs slowly coming at me. The one which advanced the most looked like a white shaggy dog. I couldn't see his eyes. As he advanced, I looked at the balcomies, which were full of these demons. The white dog jumped and latched its mouth on my left forearm. I continued to back up. I left the same way I entered. When I awoke from this, for a short time this dog was still on my arm, and the background was my room.

2008 timeframe

I was driving in a jeep with my wife, Stephanie, and Mason, my youngest son. We were driving on a military base. We turned left at a stop sign. We then took a left at the next stop sign. We heard and seen two soldiers running to hide. All of a sudden huge creatures about 25-50ft tall started running towards us. I put the jeep in reverse and stompped on the gas pedal. We headed back the way we came. A bunch of hunters came out with shotguns and started shooting these creatures. I was shown three tablets on teh ground. They were laid out beside eachother and each had a word written across it. I knew the words for a short period of time, but since I didnt write them down, I lost that info.

2008 timeframe

I was a woman. I went into a western looking town. I walked down the street, and everyone was staring at me, like I was some freak. These people were demons. I came to a dead end with a door on the right. A person went through the door and two demons followed. I turned back and went the way in which I came. Then I was in a car driving. There was another woman driving a car ahead of me. She had two demons following her in a car. They were trying to side swipe her and cause her to wreck. They were outside the car hanging on the bumper of their car. When I say that they were on their bumper, they had ahold of it with their hands, but their bodies were straight as a board towards her car. One demon was doing this while the other ran down the body of the other demon. The one running was trying to get on her car. They were laughing and she was very afraid and panicing, but she never stopped.

more to come. Some dreams are too sensitive, and some are not for others to know;therefore, I will not put them on this website. I do have a few more which I will let you read. I just need more time to copy them from my book to this website.

August 28, 2008

I was just visiting someone I felt like was a family member. When I tried to leave and walk to the airport, I got lost. I didnt know the way. I seen a family and I asked them for directions. The lady of the family gave me street names to follow, and I left with those directions. I returned within a few minutes and asked her just to point me in the right direction. I started walking towards the airport. I was in a fairly good size neighborhood. There were probably 100 houses. I looked up and the clouds were realy dark and I knew a storm was coming. All of a sudden, an airplane came out of the cloud and was falling to the ground. It past me up but hit some where near by. I seen other large debris falling also. This debris was hitting and crushing some of the houses. I quickly noticed a weird creature walking like a human with a huge, huge stomach. It was goldish in color. It was speaking to a woman with a newborn baby. It spoke to her with a very friendly voice. The woman hesitated to get close to it, but she was drawn to it for some reason. The creature seemed to glow when it was hugging the woman and child. I didn't see the woman and child, nor the creature again. I knew it was evil. There were some wild animals running around the houses. I noticed a tiger running around, and once it would run to someone, it would jump up and look at the person in their eyes, and then it would move to the next person. It ran up to me and jumped up on me. It had its paws on my shoulders. I said, "I love Jesus," and it quickly jerked it's head back and shook it. I was scared, because I thought it was going to devour me. Then quickly, with boldness, I said, "Jesus, I love Jesus!" It quickly ran away. I followed it a few feet. I thought it jumped in the back of a truck, but when I looked in the back of the truck, it was gone. I ran towards a house, which was in front of me. There were a few people gathered there. They were concerned with the falling debri, and larger objects falling from the sky. I listened to them for a few minutes. I then decided to go into the house. Inside, there were two tigers wrestling eachother. They were speaking to one another. I didn't dare go further than the door. All of a sudden, a boar knocked the door open with force and came in. I left out the door quickly. As I was leaving, the two tigers followed me outside. I heard one tiger say to the other "I've got to ask my mother," as they ran down the street. I then went between the houses, where a group of people were gathered. They, like others were wanting to see the debris fall, so they could dodge it. One man was incinuating to a woman that they should have sex. Another man agreed that the two should. I knew this was evil, so I ran into the street. There, I seen the front of an 18-wheeler land on someone's metal building in there back yard. A man was in that truck, and once he landed, he tried to drive it off, but was unable. He got out and ran down the street. I started running towards the outer edges of the neighborhood. I didnt see anyone else trying to leave the area. They all just ran from one place to another. I started running down a street, and I was looking at cars to steal. I quickly talked myself out of it, because it was wrong to steal. Ahead of me, I seen a car with the windows down, and as I got closer, I seen an old man sitting in this car. As I approached him, I said out loud, "Sir, I love Jesus, and I need a ride out of here." He said, "That's something all these people need." I got in the car with him and we drove off. The man reached down and turned the radio on. I heard the song, Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at his word. Then I woke up.

The creature, which was goldish, was the anti-Christ. The tigers and boar were demons. The falling debri is a sign of bad times coming soon.(Armageddon). I put my trust in Jesus when I told the tiger the second time that I love Jesus. The old man was either God or an Angel, and he was waiting for me, to take me away from harm. When I told him that I loved Jesus, he replied "That's something all these people need." I agree, we all need Jesus.