The Hard Times

I was dreaming a few days ago. I was in a race car, which looked like a miniature Indy car. I was on the high way and I took an exit to the left. Immediately there was hail falling from the sky. The hail was the size of grapefruit. The hail hit my windshield in 2 places, but didn't go all the way through. Then up ahead the hail coming down looked like a solid curtain, because so much of it was falling. I said something to God, as I was driving. I then noticed a man sitting by the exit of this bridge, praying to God. When I passed through safely, I woke up. Immediately it came to me, that even though we don't see God working, and things can seem dim, He is there and He is watching over us. That hail should have killed me, but it didn't. I was also reminded of Moses, when God split the Red Sea, for all the Israelites to pass. They still had to pass through, with livestock, wagons, kids, and everything they could carry. Besides that, the devil was on their trail. I'm sure some might have tripped, fell down, and some might have become bruised, but in the end, they made it over to the other side, and they all made it, alive. We seem to lose focus on what God does for us. We sometimes expect no problems, no battles, no crying, but through our tears, our heavy beating hearts, our God hears us, and He delivers those who look to Him for rest .  Through our trials we become stronger, soldiers who can stand in the midst of the battle, strong, tall, bold, unwavering, and not because of who we are, but because of God and with His strength. Times ahead look grim, but I assure you, The King of Heaven will not let you down, as long as you turn to him for help, waiting on his word before you march into battle. Who goes into battle before given the order, for if you do, you might find yourself standing alone, because you journeyed out before God. Let God lead the way for you, Let God shine his light through you, blinding the enemy forces, and declaring victory before you even arrive.