The Hole in the wall

As he sat on his bed, staring at his wall, hid from the outside world, playing with his match box cars and toothpicks as roads, he stared so long that a hole developed in his wall, which allowed his dreams to escape to another day. As he stood in the corner, legs wobbling, darkness making him sleepy, legs locking in place every once in a while, hearing others go about their day, and wishing he had been born at another time, in another place. Growing tired and weary, tears flowing out his blue eyes, and his nose starting to leak, asking God why he had to be born into his family, expecting an answer of some kind, but receiving none, he knew deep inside that this day would end and a new day would rise. He could hear the laughter of the kids in the neighborhood outside his window. As he peered out his box, time went by, sun up to sun down. His room was his box, for no one came to let him out, food was brought in and the bathroom was aross the hall. The only hope he had was for time to pass. He called on Jesus and Jesus did show up many times, and throughout the dark restless nights he hid under his covers, alone, except for the angels in the room, who were there but didn't speak. "When will I get big," he thought, so he could leave his walls behind, closing the door to his childhood home for the last time.
   Time did go by, and he always tried to stay out of that room, finding friends to stay with and other things to do. No one was to spend the night, for no one should have to stare at those walls like he did. Then one day his dream did come true, he was big and could go through that hole, leaving behind the pain and sorrow. Jesus went with him, leaving behind the knees that locked in place, while he stood in the corner, behind the door.
   Today, that little blue-eyed boy has the same sorrows deep inside, tired now of asking why that hole in the wall had to be made. He has moved on, finding a new family of his own.
He still looks at the corners in his house, and the walls don't have any holes.
No one should have holes in their walls.