You want the truth? 

People are looking for answers. 

We don’t know who to trust, so we usually don’t trusts anyone except those in our inner circles. 

Why is this? Because everyone wants something, and it seems most people are always on the side that loses, the side that can’t get the things we think we deserve.  Some people point fingers at others, because we don’t have answers, so we create our own.  Why is there so much anger, confusion, mistrusts, and lies?  It starts at the highest levels and rolls down hill to everyone. 

Daily, we process things we hear and we don’t even know what’s true anymore. Turn on the tv and watch the news, you can find any channel you want that will agree with you. It’s like you want to feel good, you want people to agree with you, then pick up your remote and make it happen. Tada! 

So, what are the things that make you tick? What do you need to be “special?” What do you need to do to be heard?  Doesn’t everyone want someone to listen? What happens when people don’t? What do you do to be the person in the room, that others gravitate to? Do you not care what you say or do, as long as you’re valued by others?  Where do you stand? What are your convictions and where did your convictions seed from?  T

today is a good day to start something new. Why wait for changes. Changes aren’t going to find you, you must reach out and make the decision to become someone better, to actually have integrity.  I chose a while back to be someone different, but I wasn’t able to do this. I looked in the mirror and I was the same person, same smile, frown, same thoughts, regrets, same, same. 

One day when things just became overwhelming, every problem started compiling on top of other problems. My bad decisions started coagulating. I decided that I was going to do what I should have done serious years ago. I say serious because many people say they believe in God; however, their life actions prove otherwise. I was one of these people. I decided to truly tell The Lord that I needed Him.  I did as I did many times as a child, when I lived in a house of pain, I called out, “Jesus, help me.” I said it with tears and conviction. I waited but not for an answer, I waited to hear my own failures, because my mind wandered off into emptiness.  When I cried out, He heard me.  He answered! My life changed at that spilt second and it has never been the same. I have challenges, I do worry; however, now when I have these issues I handle them differently, and guess what? He answers! He leads me and guides me through all troubles, step by step. He will help everyone who calls to Him, and will get you through every turmoil, every different, difficult decision. Call to Jesus! He is on the main line! Tell Him what you want. He is waiting! 


Sept 18, 2021