Trying to get a group of people to reexamine, why they continue to celebrate things, that have been celebrated for centuries, isn't popular, and will result in ridicule. When I study the bible, ancient traditions, and current traditions, I do know that Christians have steered off course. When I think of offending God, I don't like the idea, and If I think I have offended God, I am quick to repent. What if Christian traditions, which we weren't called to follow, offend our Lord and savior? Just because something seems harmless, is it always harmless?  We need to remember what the devil tries to do. 
He wages war with deceit. He takes things that are good, and he twists them so much, that it brings confusion among the Church. I have often wondered, even when I was a young adult, what does eggs and a bunny have to do with Jesus dying and his resurrection. I have heard a lot of answers about it representing new life, new birth, etc. Okay, maybe that explains the eggs, but what about the bunny? Anyway, it really doesn't matter. If we have been led astray, then we have been deceived. I don't think I will take any chance in offending God by doing what is ungodly. I do believe that many church traditions were blended with the pagan traditions, to bring more people into the so called church. This has been proven with the early Catholic church. Is it wrong for Christians to examine these things, as the Bereans examined The Word of God, and compared it to what they were told, and study for truth. When history says something that we tend not to like, often people ignore it, get angry some times, and then call those ideas ignorant, heretical, etc. This is all because they feel someone is trying to put a dark cloud over their heads. I do like that saying, "you got to stand for something."  Do Christians, now days, only stand for what they are told, and have continued to do, or can they study the information themselves? I think that many Christians do not study their bibles, nor do they study history. I think most continue to follow traditions, without question. Most Christians are loyal, but loyal to what should be the question. I've never seen any group of people with so many divisions, and when discussing these divisions, they will slander other Christians. 
The amount of anger that comes from some Christians is saddening. This includes conversations about when the rapture will happen. Haven't we learned, from The Bible, that the Israelites had favor and blessings from God, when they stayed the course, that He put them on, and they suffered disaster after disaster, when they did what they wanted to do, and followed after false gods and traditions?  
   I think that we should be concerned about how God sees us, and how others, non-Christians, see us. Christians are never taken seriously. Try taking a stand on religious beliefs. If you say your of some other religion, courts will most likely uphold your beliefs and you will win the case most likely. This is not so for Christians. The Catholic church has been fighting in court, because of things in Obama care. Well, no one seems to care, why, because Christians usually don't stand for much these days, and many people, who do not know God, nor even tries to follow him, call themselves Christian.  I'm not here to debate, which group of Christians are more messed up than others. So please don't reply with comments about specific groups. Most people won't even read this, nor read this far. 
I'm posting a link, which could be used, as a starting point, for studying Easter and it's origin. I pray that we are doing what God wants, and not what we want. I pray that we are not deceived. I pray that Christians can agree, that we follow The Word of God, and not extra biblical books. We only have one chance to get it right, and that's while we are on the earth, so let's get it right. Lets be leaders and only follow Jesus Christ